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Constelación de Sonidos

Image of Constelación de Sonidos


18"x24" 4 Color Screenprint
Edition of 200
35 USD + Shipping
Signed and Numbered

I created this image for the cover of @loscambalache newer album "Constelación de Sonidos". I loved the image so much I had to make a print of it. Prints are signed by myself and Cesar Castro of the band. The young girl in the image is Cesar and his partner Xochi's daughter Sofia. I was inspired by the Cesar's lyrics where he talks about moving as a immigrant from Veracruz a little over 10 years ago and sometimes in the early hours of the morning when he hears the roosters cry, and he's still sleeping he wakes up thinking that he is in Veracruz with his family, right after he is over taken with the sadness of nostalgia and missing his family and life in Veracruz. Such a powerful song and im not sure if my image does it justice!