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Image of OUR TRUE HISTORY Spray Painted HPM


20"x26" Hand Spray Painted Stencils on 100% Cotton Rag Paper Hand Deckled Edges Edition of 10

This image is titled Our True History. I first created this image in 2010 for my first solo show titled Ganas 2020. This image was my first image about so called “Latinx” people understand their own indiginiety. I remember thinking how growing up and attending public schools I rarely saw myself in the text books. Just once a year during march I would occasionally see a 1x1 inch photo of Cesar Chavez in my history book. In my mind at the time the content and imagery that was curated and put into history books was solely reserved for subject matter that society deemed of great importance and worthy of being preserved and documented. This made me feel like society didn’t find me or my people of importance. I remember thinking to myself in these exact words “this country sees me as a bootleg human or kind of like a knock off brand of cereal or something.” The impact this had on my self esteem and mental health was not positive and at one point I ended up at the crossroads that many children of color end up at, at one point or another. The cross road is 1. Assimilate and become a version of yourself that society aka white supremacy is comfortable with or 2. Rebel against the status quo and learn about your real history. I definitely chose the second options and I am still on that path of recovering my history that has been strategically erased by colonial violence. When I created this piece I thought to myself what if there was a book that contained our true history, our traditions, recipes, songs, languages, philosophy, etc. Then I imagined myself holding this book in one hand and my other fist up in rebellion in the face this colonial society that refuses to let me be myself. Instead of making this image as a self portrait I asked my friend Cheyenne to pose for it and then I based this illustration off the photo. Thanks-e

Disclaimer: All pieces are completely hand painted including the cream background please not there are small imperfections on each of them but we feel this is what makes these special and separates them from a screen-print.