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Prende La Vela (Andres Landero Tribute Print)

Image of Prende La Vela (Andres Landero Tribute Print)


20"x26" Screen print
10 Colors
Printed on Coventry Cotton Rag Paper.
Edition of 75

As a kid I grew up around Norteño Mexican music as well as Cumbia music. At every birthday party, quinceñera, wedding, etc. Cumbia was always present. I grew to love it early on... my first memories of Cumbia always involved Fito Olivares which was one of my Grandmothers favorite Cumbia musicians. He was coming from Tamaulipas and he had a different style of Cumbia, his main instrument which drove the melodies was the Saxophone. Since then I have heard countless diverse types of cumbias ranging from many many artists. Every musician or group adding their own twist to it for example: Selena with "Techno Cumbia".
About 4 years ago I began my record collection and I started trying to collect regional Mexican / Tejano music and eventually I started looking for Cumbia records to buy so I talked to my friend B+ aka Brian Cross who is a amazing photographer and HEAVY Record Collector. He told me to get some Landero and at the time I didnt know him by name but I had heard one or two of his tracks on a Cumbia Compilation before. I soon started collecting his music and learning more and more about him. For the last 4 years a week doesn't go by without me blasting one of my Landero Records or Landero Cassettes or even youtube Landero mixes. His music just makes me happy and it inspires me to a deeper level than most music. The richness of culture in Landeros music is beyond words. If you know the history of Cumbia you know that Cumbia is a mixture of rhythms from the indigenous Colombians and the African drum / rhythms. If you have never listened to Landero do yourself a favor a turn up "La Pava Congona" "Carmelita Adios" of my favorite "La Pollera Rosada". There are countless classics from Landero. Landero was also one of Joe Strummer's favorite musicians which is pretty awesome.

After a year of working on this print It is finally here. Hope you listen to some Landero and brighten up your day his wonderful jams. Thank you Colombia for giving us Cumbia and Landero!!! thanks-e