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20"x26" Hand Spray Painted Stencils on 100% Cotton Rag Paper
Hand Deckled Edges
Edition of 10

This image is titled Justicia Y Libertad which translates to Justice and Liberty. I created this image back in 2010 and released it as a 11”x14” screen print of a edition of 80. Those screen prints have long been sold out but folks have often asked me if I will ever released it as a 18x24 inch screen print and the answer is no but I decided it would be a good image to make hand stenciled HPM versions of. This image is very important to me because Ive been inspired by the spirit of autonomy that the Zapatistas exude and in their struggle for self determination. I remember being a young kid and seeing images and videos on the Mexican News trying to demonize and brand the Zapatistas as the enemy but I never really bought that narrative. When I got a bit older and started getting more politicized I began to understand how U.S. foreign policy like NAFTA had put indigenous peoples in Mexico in a very vulnerable position. The Zapatistas had no choice but to arm themselves and defend their land and their autonomy. This image pays homage to their fight for Justice and Liberty. Viva Lxs Zapatistas!

Disclaimer: All pieces are completely hand painted including the cream background please not there are small imperfections on each of them but we feel this is what makes these special and separates them from a screen-print. Please understand that these fine art hand painted multiples are from a edition of 10 and no more will be made however there is a chance in the future that this image might be released as a screen-print at a different size.

Sold Out